New Album! Details, and how you can help!

This weekend I head into the studio to record my sophomore release, the follow up to 2010's "Like Birds Too Tired to Fly".  I'm pretty excited!  I have acclaimed producer James Bunton (of Ohbijou and Evening Hymns fame) behind the mixing board, and some great musicians coming in to do their thing!  I think this is really going to be something special.

As you may know, albums can cost a lot of money to make, if you want to make it right.  You really get what you pay for.   This record is going to cost roughly 9 grand when all is said and done.  To help this along, I've started an indiegogo fundraiser campaign to help raise about $6,000.  This is basically a pre-order (with a few other exciting perks).  If you'd like to get your hands on the album (digital, CD and VINYL!), or just see some of the other perks I have, please check out this link (and share!)


And if you're curious about some of the music you'll be hearing on this album, check out this video I did with Sara Ciantar!

Not too bad if ya ask me.  Wish me luck in the studio! We have all these instruments to deal with.


Bonnie Prince Billy Cover

About a month ago, the Calgary based music blog Slowcoustic asked me to record a Will Oldham cover for a project they were putting together.  I'm a huge fan of the Bonnie Prince Billy albums, so I naturally said yes.

After some deliberation I settled on this track from "Ease Down the Road".  Special thanks to Alli Sunshine for singing harmonies and Kristian Pederson who recorded/mixed and played Wurlitzer!

Feel free to download and/share! 


New Album information!

Hello there!  It's been a while.  I have some really good news, this April I will be going back into the studio with a bunch of wonderfully talented individuals to record my 2nd full length album!  This will be a follow up to 2010's critically acclaimed "Like Birds Too Tired to Fly" (it was totally critically acclaimed, check out the NOW Magazine review for example.... I wouldn't lie about this!)

Who are these individuals?  Well I'm glad you asked.  First and foremost, I'm very excited to say that I'll be working with the very talented James Bunton.  You may know James as the drummer for Ohbijou, or for his production work with acts such as Evening Hymns, Barzin, Gentleman Reg, The Acorn, Diamond Rings... actually, just check out his website here for his list of projects, it's VERY extensive.  He'll be taking care of the producing, mixing and percussion side of this project.  Yay!


3 Great shows!

Heyo!  I have 3 pretty great shows coming up, and I thought i'd let you know about them.  Really excited to be playing with these people!  Check out some of their music by clicking on their names below! 

Saturday January 25, Orillia Ontario

First up, I'll be playing in my hometown of Orillia this Saturday at The Brownstone with Aaron Mangoff and Scott Cooper !

Sunday February 2nd, Toronto Ontario

Next, I'm playing with my good friends Olenka Krakus and Jos Fortin!  I haven't seen these 2 in a while, and I think they're both great songwriters and wonderful people.  We'll be at Holy Oak 9pm Sharp!

Thursday February 6th, Hamilton Ontario

Finally, I'm excited to play with Sarah Beatty again, and, for the first time, Chris Altmann!  Sarah, you may remember, shared a stage with me at the Folk Music Ontario conference.  She's really great.  And Chris records with my favourite new record label, Seventh Fire! We'll be playing at Homegrown Hamilton

So if you've been meaning to get out to a show, then I strongly suggest hitting up one of these! Talk soon.  


Top 11 albums, top 6 ep's and a special gift to you (at the end of the post)

Here we go, 2013's top albums and EP's as chosen by me in no particular order! (Why 11 and 6?  Why not?!).  For the year, I had been picking 2 albums as my favorites, Evening Hymns Spectral Dusk and Andy Shauf's The Bearer of Bad News.  Unfortunately both were released in 2012... so without further ado, the best of 2013!

The end of a ukulele project, a peak into the new year and a thank you!

Well it's finally been a year!  I've completed a challenge I gave myself, to cover a song a week for the span of 2013!  Here is the final week (week 52), I'll chat a bit more following...

That was fun.


Happy Holidays! And the final Ukulele video

Hey there friends!  I hope everyone's holidays are going well!  I had some very nice family time, received some good gifts including the new Arcade Fire, and David Bowie on vinyl!  Can't go wrong with that.

For those who don't know (Where have you been?) I was given a ukulele last year for X-mas, and to learn it I took on the project of learning a song a week for the entire year.  Well, the year is pretty much over.  Here is this week's (week 51)

That makes next week the final week!  The year went by pretty fast.  Check back here for an update, and in the meantime, why not check out some of the ones you missed?  Maybe one of your favorite bands were covered... or maybe you'd like to see a few of my guests?  You can watch all of them here at:  www.notmy52songs.tumblr.com

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.  More info next week!